Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Baby Animals

We made a quick trip down the coast to SeaWorld again this weekend because my friend said she actually got to see the baby polar bear, Henry, when she went with her boys last weekend. 

The last time we tried to catch a glimpse, baby Henry refused to come out. This time though, there were babies everywhere!

I was only at the penguin enclosure briefly but I managed to snap this photo of a baby penguin with his/her mama and papa (I'm assuming that's who those two are). I love that those two were standing over their baby, watching their little one so closely. And it's so cool that their nests are made of stones. There were three or four other birds sitting on top of little piles of rocks, I wonder if that means more babies are on the way.

At the Polar Pre-School, we finally got to see Henry! Please don't mind the reflection of my iPhone, but you can still see Henry and his mama, Liya. I could not get over how playful the little guy is! He was so active, running around, jumping into the water and playing with his favourite toys.

There was also a baby dolphin born not too long ago but since I didn't get a photo of it, here's another one of Henry.

I love babies!

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