Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Project Life 2013: Week 21 - 23

Project Life: Week 21

Week of: May 19 - May 25

What happened this week: We spent a day in South Bank, an impromptu field trip and I hosted a brunch - something I'd love to do more often once I get over the anxiety of hosting things at our house.

It'd been such a long time since we had a chance to spend some time in South Bank. It used to be one of our favourite places to hang out so I basically dedicated half of this spread to our Sunday afternoon there.

The other half documents the rest of the week, with some pretty significant events, like our unofficial class field trip to the planetarium, one of my first assignments at work, Caleb at school and this yummy new cake I made for a brunch I was hosting.

Project Life: Week 22

Week of: May 26 - June 1

What happened this week: Nathan got to be a ball boy for the senior soccer team, a playdate for Caleb and his buddies and just regular old stuff around the house.

I really like how the title card of this spread turned out. I think those Amy Tangerine alphas are becoming my new favourite.  I ended up using two filler inserts - one piece cut from the packaging of the Body Shop diffuser we're currently using, and a photo of the sunset at soccer practice because that's a regular part of our routine now.

This side documents some of the quieter moments of our week: I found the boys sitting in their chairs reading quietly in the reading room, Caleb decided to cover himself head to toe in stickers, two kookaburras sitting on our backyard fence, Caleb learning how to open a mandarin for himself, and the boys waiting for our noodles at Hakataya.

Project Life: Week 23

Week of: June 2 - June 8

What happened this week: Andrew's running now, we tried out a new restaurant in West End, Caleb went skating for the first time ever and I dragged the boys to a marathon weekend of rummaging through millions of second-hand books - Book Fest!

I made use of some of the Kraft core kit I won from Petra Corcoran on this side of the spread. It seemed to go with the colour scheme and we had a lot of journaling to fit in.

If I had planned this spread out, I probably wouldn't have put those two inserts with the wood veneers in the exact same spot, and I definitely wouldn't have put them side-by-side but I did and it's done so I'm leaving it.

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