Thursday, January 9, 2014

Live Brave | January

My goal for January is to tackle those tedious organization tasks. There's so many good ideas and systems out there but I need to streamline things and develop a system that works for me. 

One of my biggest time-wasters is digging around things that I've stored away safely in some place that made sense at the time. I'm like a squirrel with different caches hidden everywhere, but I want to change. I need a way to keep track of our household information and have it all at my fingertips.

I tried the tech-y use-all-sorts-of-apps method but that failed me badly last month when my iCloud account refused to work and I lost a lot of information and time.

After two hour-long sessions at the bank, an entire night of sorting through years paperwork and writing down bits of information, I think we're finally starting to the corner to being a little more organized with all this important grown-up stuff.

I'd like to streamline my Project Life and blogging processes as well. Anyone have some good resources for this?

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