Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cruise 2014: Highlights from Cozumel

Our stop in Cozumel was supposed to be a quick cultural lesson at the Mayan Ruins followed by time at the beach. I knew it wouldn't be super in-depth but at least it would be an introduction. Unfortunately, it didn't pan out and our excursion was cancelled. It was probably for the best because it was pretty windy and wet that day - not ideal conditions for hiking over ruins with two boys.

We ended up walking up one side of the main street to do a bit of shopping instead. We didn't see any colourful market stalls but instead we found a big shiny outdoor shopping complex. This was a little harder for the boys because even if we're buying things for them, shopping and waiting around isn't all that fun. They stuck it out and didn't complain at all, even when I made them walk all the way back out a second time just to take an Instax photo.

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