Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Let It Snow

This morning, I woke up to a blizzard outside my window.

I love watching it snow so this was wonderful for me, but not so wonderful for Andrew who was in a rush to get to his placement on time. So I ran outside in my PJs to help him brush off his car one last time. And later on, the boys wanted to help my dad shovel snow so I ran out (still in my PJs) to help them one last time.

Throughout our entire visit, there has been a constant supply of snow.

This is our first time back in the winter since we left for Australia three years ago. I was excited for the boys to enjoy a bit of the white stuff and do some true Canadian winter activites, especially for Caleb since he'd never seen or played in the snow before. I wanted to see everything covered in white, not just a light dusting but a real covering.

So I prayed for snow. I prayed for lots and lots of snow, and boy did we get it.

So many people we talked with told me that we picked the "wrong" year to come back - the past two years there was barely any snow and all of a sudden, this year it's been snowing non-stop. They complained of how cold it's been and how much shovelling they've had to do this year compared to the years before. They sympathized with us, saying it must be unbearable for us to be here instead of in the warm Australian weather.

I didn't tell them we wanted this. And I definitely didn't tell them I prayed for all this snow.

But I did, and boy am I glad we all got to play in the snow again. It's been such a treat.

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