Saturday, February 15, 2014

Script School - Day 1

As I was unpacking, I looked at all the supplies that had arrived in my Studio Calico box for the life | scripted class I signed up for and thought maybe I'd start scripting later, when things had settled down a little more so I could really spend some serious time learning this art. 

But realistically, when would that be? There's always going to be important things that need to get done. If I really wanted to do this, I'd have to make time so why not just get started. 

I watched Kal's videos a couple times through, soaking up everything she was saying, then I got to it. 

I went through my blob of gouache and 10 sheets of paper in a matter of minutes. Towards the end, my pigment was so watered down, it was grey. I'm still learning to find that sweet spot on my brush that she talks about. My strokes aren't coming out the way I'd like them to yet - my lines were passable but my letters were atrocious. I have a very long way to go but I'm determined to be better. 

It still bothers me that there's so much "waste" - all the paper and gouache. But I've decided it's worth it so the next thing on my to-do list is buy a new pack of printer paper and cheaper gouache to practice with because that stuff is expensive!

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