Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Koala Sanctuary with Caleb

One of the reasons I kept Caleb back from starting school this term was so I could prolong our mommy-Caleb hangout times. He's been by my side every single day since we moved to Australia and it'll be a huge change for both of us when he starts school.

Last term when Andrew and I started talking about when Caleb should start school, I had all these grand plans of how we'd spend our last term together. I would take him out to the botanic gardens to feed the ducks, go to the koala sanctuary to feed the kangaroos, hang out at the park - just fun activities that we could do together while everyone else was at school.

As always, my good intentions took a back seat to reality and my laziness. Instead of hanging out with him, he'd play Lego by himself while I worked at the computer.

But enough was enough. The other day, after dropping Nathan off at school, we drove straight to the koala sanctuary with my annual pass and our bag of leftover kangaroo food in hand. Despite the sweltering heat, we managed to spend our entire morning there.

The first thing Caleb wanted to go straight to the kangaroo enclosure to feed them breakfast. On the way, we saw the elusive wombat being taken out for a walk. I had never seen that before! The lady asked us to step back because apparently wombats can be aggressive towards people so we gave him a bit of space.

As we turned the corner, Caleb spotted a few roos so he hopped out of his stroller and ran over to greet them. Then, he quickly ran back to grab the food he had left behind.

For the next little while, we criss-crossed all through the enclosure finding any animal willing to eat out of Caleb's hand.

This last one was a feisty creature and decided that Caleb's one-piece-at-a-time method was too slow for her. She grabbed the bag and tore it open, emptying its contents onto the ground in front of her so she could gobble it all up.

At that point, Caleb was pretty much bored of feeding them anyway so we left to see the lorikeets. I just can't get over how colourful these birds are.

For the remainder of the morning, we walked along the bird cages, stopping at each one for Caleb to ask what it was called. My favourite were a couple of kookaburras. Aren't they just so gorgeous?

On the way out, Caleb decided to rest for a little while on the kid-sized couches. I'm pretty sure it was to watch the insects cartoon and cool down in the air conditioning.

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