Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nathan Turns 8

Much like the day Nathan was born, I stayed up way too late and woke way too early to prepare for Nathan's birthday. The night before, I baked his cheesecake, but remembering that Caleb was the one who wanted to make it in the first place, I left all the decorating for the morning so Caleb could help.

He usually gets up earlier than Nathan so I figured it would work out well. Unfortunately, Caleb had other plans. 

Eventually, I woke him up and asked if he'd like to help me decorate Nathan's cake and he very enthusiastically agreed. I put most of the raspberries on and he helped me sprinkle icing sugar on top. Then, he went to wake up his big brother.

A very sleepy eight-year-old eventually emerged from his room and was ready to begin celebrating his birthday.

It's become a bit of a tradition to eat his birthday cake for breakfast. Caleb sang happy birthday to Nathan all by himself this year. Then, Nathan cut up his cake and we all had breakfast while FaceTiming the grandparents. 

For dinner, a couple of our friends joined us at Sizzler - Nathan's restaurant of choice. Plus, a surprise guest made an appearance. Can you spot him? Nathan was super excited about his brand new dino pal.

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