Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Practical Life in Practice

I love our weekend trips to the markets. What's even better is when we get to use all the good food we bought afterwards. We've been experimenting with making our own juices lately. Citrus juice is the easiest for us since we don't have a fancy juicing machine - we just cut the fruit in half and squeeze. Caleb has been doing a lot of the squeezing lately.

(Yes, that's Andrew vacuuming in the background. ALL the boys in this house get to help out with housework.)

A lot of the time, after we make lemonade, we add in other things to change up the flavour. I like it with a few leaves of mint but this time around, the boys wanted to add berries. Nathan started cutting strawberries, then Caleb came along and wanted to help out. He was so excited about it he went to the fridge and got the entire punnet out and proceeded to cutting half of it up before I realized what he was doing and stopped him!

Caleb always insists on spooning out his own food now.

Nathan calls this one the "berry-lemon fusion" and it was berry good.

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