Monday, March 31, 2014

Photo A Day: March 2014

90 days down, 275 to go.

I am so grateful to have this photo challenge as a reminder to take photos every day. I've hit a few creative walls this month and there are days where I feel like there's really nothing to take pictures of and you can see the mediocre effort put into the photos for those certain prompts. Sure, there's always my boys, maybe some food but I want to take pictures that reflect where I am that day.

I've had a lot of friends come up to me this month and ask me about Fat Mum Slim photo a day and on some level, I'm glad that the effort I put into keeping up with this challenge is being noticed. I've encouraged them to join me on this project but I also understand that it's a huge commitment and that's not for everyone.

So whoever wants to continue on with me, here's April's prompts!

I'm participating via Instagram. Follow along @btsoi.
If you'd like to join me or find out more about Photo A Day (April), you can find the details here.
See previous months here: JanuaryFebruary

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