Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Live Brave | April

March saw the beginning of my slow and steady transition into eating clean. There was definitely times when I had to push myself out of my comfort zone to try new foods I wasn't sure about and many other times when I had to just accept things that cannot be changed. It was especially tough the night we went out to celebrate Nathan's birthday. Our original restaurant of choice (where I had planned out my dinner in preparation) was fully booked because they had to close the outdoor seating due to rain. We ended up at Sizzler and 90% of their menu is beef which left me one option. I was not please and argued with myself about breaking the rules just this time but in the end, I convinced myself to stick with what I should eat.

When I chose "make stuff" as a goal for this month, I had envisioned myself using up some of the fabric and paper supplies I have accumulated over the past two years. What I ended up doing was creating a workspace for Caleb to do Montessori-inspired activities while I worked in the kitchen. I also spent a lot of time creating those materials for him to work with.

My final goal was also pretty open-ended. I stuck to my twice-a-week yoga routine which gets me out of the house, but I also ended up doing lots of coffee dates after drop off and a night away with some friends down the coast!

April's goals

1. I am far more productive in the morning even though I convince myself I am still getting work done when I stay up late. I'm hoping to make the switch to early bird this month.

2. My workspaces are far too cluttered for me to be productive. It's time to really sort through things and let go of what I don't really need.

3. The boys will be off for half the month. They will be home with me every single day and I'm looking forward to making the most of our time together, even if it does my head in.

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