Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Things I Make Them Do

This is how we spent the majority of our Saturday afternoon - standing among thousands of other people, packed together like sweaty sardines in a little tin. 

See, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (aka. Will and Kate) were in town and I thought it'd be nice to catch a glimpse of them. Normally, when I come up with these crazy ideas, I ask myself a few questions before I bring it up with Andrew - Will it be worth bringing the boys to? Will they enjoy it? Will they learn anything from it?

If you can't tell, that's Andrew, a stranger, me and Nathan standing with Caleb happily seated on the ground in the space between us, playing Minion Rush. 

I was ready to throw the idea out the window but Andrew thought that since it was something I wanted to do, we should do it. And plus, how often will we get the chance to see royalty?

As we were waiting for Will and Kate to show up, Nathan did end up asking a bunch of questions about them - who they were, where they lived, etc. so I guess at least he got a bit of a cultural lesson out of it.

Eventually, they came down the street and the people around us went wild. It's a good thing I had Caleb on my shoulders or he would have been squashed for sure. Even as I stood there with him on my shoulders, people had no problem pushing me and leaning their full weight onto me. It was such a gross experience, if it wasn't for the tiny glimpses I was able to catch and for Andrew's photos, it would've been such a waste.

Kate didn't come over to our side, but she was gorgeous even from across the street. And hey, what do you know, we were wearing the same colours.

We had originally planned to let the boys go for a swim at South Bank after but all the sweat and heat made my eye start to swell again so we settled for ice cream, iced tea and a ride on the City Hopper back to the car. Thankfully, the boys were okay with that.

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