Friday, May 16, 2014

Billycart Markets

Occasionally on a Friday evening, if we're not too tired or having dinner with friends, we like to go out and explore different parts of town. 

The Billycart Markets, located in Sandgate is held every Friday, featuring stalls geared towards expectant mothers and children. It was one of the many markets we had never been to so we thought we'd check it out. It wasn't a particularly large market but it definitely had things to keep the children entertained, like a petting farm and a guy doing science experiments and magic tricks.

There was one stall that caught my eye. It was a small set-up featuring all sorts of wood crates and paper products.

I sat and stared at that beautiful aqua crate while the boys did some crafts. Nathan loved using the pipe cleaners. He sat and twisted them together while Caleb glued pom poms down.

As the boys finished off their creations, Andrew took a walk down to the lagoon to capture this beautiful sunset for me.

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