Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Caleb at 3 Years, 5 Months

It's time for an update on what's going on with Mr. C. After all, it's been about a year and a half since the last one! Caleb is still my lively little boy, so full of energy and love. He is more empathetic than any 3-year-old I know and I still love squishing his pudgy cheeks.

Right now, Caleb...

... is flip-flopping between being my baby kangaroo, and being my boy (as in, not my baby). And he keeps telling me he'll be a teenager in 10 years!

... always wants to help me in the kitchen. The instant he hears me bring out my metal mixing bowl, he announces that he wants to help me bake and pulls his little blue chair to the counter beside me. He's getting really good at cracking eggs and stirring slowly so the ingredients don't fly out of the bowl.

... has developed the habit of walking into a store, grabbing an item he likes and informing me that he wants to buy it.

... likes to order a hot chocolate for himself when I go out for tea with my girlfriends.

... no longer wears a diaper to bed. A couple weeks ago, he decided that they were not comfortable (they're a little tight, but we're finishing off our last box) and he was not going to wear them anymore. End of story. We've been washing bedding every few days but we're supporting his decision.

... helps me put away the laundry. I give him a little basket filled with clothes and within minutes, he'll have it all put away in their proper drawers.

... gets very emotional when certain things don't go the way they're "supposed to". For example, if he apologizes and the other person doesn't accept it by saying, "It's okay", he will burst into tears. It's happened twice and he's scared his little friends with his crying because he's normally not a crier but when he does, he lets it all out.

... gives Nathan a kiss on the cheek every morning before he gets out of the car before we drop him off at school. If that doesn't happen, Caleb will get very upset and burst into tears.

... has developed a nasty habit of letting out high-pitched squeals when he's overexcited. 

... plays Lego Batman any chance he gets (which is quite rare with our schedule). When he doesn't get to play, he grabs some of Nathan's Lego Marvel comics to read.

... looks at the camera, stands still and smiles (sometimes a really forced smile) every time I hold up my phone and point it in his direction. Sometimes, he tells me to stop taking videos of him.

... loves "In Summer" from Frozen. It's his wake up song*.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I can't imagine what my days are going to be like once this little guy starts going to school. He's been by my side everyday since we first arrived in Australia so I'm cherishing all our little moments together because I know that I'm going to be missing them, big time.

*When Caleb gets sleepy in the car, depending on whether we want to keep him awake or let him sleep, we will play certain songs. Sometimes when he's tired, he'll request a song and that's when we know he'll fall asleep shortly after. Then, there's the songs that will wake him up regardless of how tired he is. Usually, they're pretty silly. For the longest time, it was one of the songs Nathan learned in Chinese class (about two tigers). Then, it was AJ Rafael's parody of Taylor Swift's "Trouble". Right now, his wake up song is "In Summer". He loves Olaf.

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