Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Pancake Manor

It's not often I get to have breakfast with Andrew during the week - I work late, he leaves the house early. So when he has a week off, we take advantage.

The Pancake Manor is an old church building that's been converted into a 24-hour pancake parlour. We've walked past it many times but never really gave the place a second thought until our friend, who recently went, told us the food's actually not too bad.

With that in mind, Andrew planned a morning for us to go to the city just to try those pancakes.

Perhaps I've been seeing too many photos from my friends traveling in Europe but I was a little disappointed when I stepped inside. The decor looked dated and confused so I kept my eyes on the menu.

Service was slow even though the restaurant was pretty much empty. I chalked that up to it being a 24-hour restaurant. Eventually, our drinks and food came one at a time.

Andrew ordered the Pancakes, Egg 'n Hash, I had the Strawberry Patch pancakes and we got a plate of waffles to share. Caleb had a bit of everything off both of our plates.

I was very pleasantly surprised with my pancakes. They were so fluffy and the vanilla ice cream/whipped cream combo with fresh strawberries was divine. Half way through, I was stuffed. There is a lot of food on those plates - a big breakfast for sure.

We'll be back, just for those pancakes. And next time, we'll bring Nathan along.

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