Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Five Things

1. My coffee buddies are leaving me, one by one, so I’m reluctant to give this one up (a.k.a. send him to school).

2. I’ve been taking that “get more sleep” goal very seriously. Since the beginning of May, most nights, I’m in bed by 10pm (a far cry from my 12-3am bedtimes) and some nights, by 9pm! It hasn’t translated into earlier wake-up times though but I think my body needs time to catch up.

3. Sometimes during yin yoga, I start falling asleep. Suddenly, I’ll hear my teacher talking so I’ll immediately half open my eyes to see if everyone else is still in same pose I’m in. My worst nightmare would be opening my eyes to see everyone else sitting up while I’m still lying flat on the ground.

4. I currently own 2 candles and half a bag of Ikea tea lights. I’m going to need to restock if I plan on lighting candles regularly (goal #2).

5. As much as I'm looking forward to having a regular income again, I'm really going to miss Andrew's regularly scheduled end-of-term weeks off. Work-at-home moms don't get time off so his days off become my mental health days and God knows I need those.

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