Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Project Life 2014: Title Page & Week 1

It's almost the middle of the year and I'm just starting to share my Project Life layouts for this year. I hope there's no rule against this. I've been taking it easy with Project Life this year - it's a big commitment and I find it a lot less stressful if I work on it leisurely with no deadline in mind. It doesn't bother me too much that I'm "behind", it'll all get finished eventually and I'll share my spreads as that happens. 

So here we go with my title page for this year's first album. It's not my favourite. I had a plan but it didn't work out so I just used what I had on hand to finish it off. If it still bothers me at the end of the year, I'll fix it up, but for now it's done.

Winter was the main theme for this title page since we were in Canada for the beginning of the year. We came back soon after so I thought that photo of the boys (wearing their Canada shirts) would be appropriate. The script insert is an image from Kal Barteski.

Week 1: January 1 - January 4

Again, a big winter theme going on here. We started off the year watching the Winter Classic and spending a lot of time on the ice. The rest of our time was spent with family - at home, eating out and a highlight for the boys: at the Playdium. The boys were kind enough to let me keep a couple tickets to tuck into a pocket for this spread.

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