Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 2 & 3

Week 2: January 5 - January 11

This week was absolutely freezing outside but with Andrew out studying and writing his Canadian exam, the boys were going crazy at home so we brought them out to the library I went to when I was a kid. Then, we went to my parents' rental property and brought them to a mall to let them have a change of scenery and keep warm at the same time, but somehow, they always ended up back outside in the snow. They could not get enough. 

There's a lot of journaling this week, but it's spread out among the photos enough that it doesn't look like it's all text. I made use of those snowflake wood veneers that I had gotten just for this trip.

Week 3: January 12 - January 18

The boys and I joined Andrew's parents on a week-long cruise in the western Caribbean. Every time I go on vacation, I take way too many photos of every thing to capture all the details I might want to look back on. Knowing this, I made it a point to choose key photos and moments to highlight in this spread.

I planned the whole layout on the cruise so when I got back, all I had to do was print out my photos and put the layout together. It came together so quickly and I loved that.

I kept pieces of ephemera from the cruise, like the ship map and tickets from an excursion that got cancelled. I was careful to limit the bits and pieces I kept for this layout because a lot of the time, I finish a spread and have a lot of ephemera left over with nowhere to put it.

This week's spread really injects some bright colours into the album which is a nice contrast to the cold and dull colours of winter that's been the focus of the album so far.

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