Monday, May 26, 2014

Sunday on The Spit

On Sunday after lunch, we drove down the coast for the afternoon. It was a gorgeous day to be out on the beach.

While the boys kicked the ball around and played in the sand, I snuck away for a walk along the water. I keep telling Andrew we have to live by a beach - it's the only way I'll willingly go for walks.

We always end up finding something different along the shore. This little guy had washed up by the waves. I thought it was a chunk of a fish at first, then I looked closer and realized that was a whole creature. Does anyone know what it is?

The boys ran around with our friend, savouring his last day on the beach. They always have so much energy; they just need to let it all out.

Andrew went for a swim. The waves were enormous that day but the water was beautiful; brisk at first, but really refreshing.

Caleb practiced writing in the sand. His name washed away and he got a little upset, so I drew a happy face and that got washed away. Eventually, he drew scribbles for the waves to take it away, and he'd jump on the waves as they washed back into the ocean.

On the days he decides to get wet, Nathan loves running in and out of the water at full speed. Sometimes he'll dive into the waves, and other times, he'll let them crash into him.

The Spit will always be one of our favourite places to hang out. I don't usually like going back to the same place more than once. There's so much to explore out there and so little time, but occasionally there will be spots that just steal our hearts and we have to go back again and again.

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