Thursday, June 19, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 8 & 9

Week 8: February 16 - February 22

This week, we were right back into our routine of cooking at home, going out for morning tea with our friends, and spending part of our weekend at the markets.

One night, we let the boys eat McDonald's in front of the "TV" (aka my computer) to watch a hockey games during the Olympics. They thought it was so awesome. And I had to include one of the better photos of Caleb and I on the morning we went to celebrate my birthday with a few friends over morning tea and mimosas. It was fabulous!

I used up some old alpha stickers on this spread, a folded card documenting yet another swollen eye incident and a few badges I had sitting around.

Week 9: February 23 - March 1

We started this week off celebrating the Canada's gold medal in Olympic men's hockey. We managed to catch the game with our favourite Canadian in Brisbane. Then, we found out my nephew was born that same night! So much to celebrate.

This spread was pretty flat - not a lot of embellishments at all. Most of the journaling was done straight on the photos so it came together pretty quickly. There wasn't too much to say and most of the photos were little glimpses of our home this week.

I included a few shapes Caleb had cut out from a later week as a filler and date stamped it to indicate when it was from. That's one of the perks of being behind - you can choose from a wider selection of ephemera that might relate back to something that happened that week.

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