Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Project Life 2014: Week 12 & 13

Week 12: March 16 - March 22

This was another typical week at home. We had a lot of new food this week - tried out a new restaurant and went to check out the Eat Street Market, did some light homeschooling with Caleb and the boys made their own lemonade concoction.

The boys spent a lot of time collecting these Dreamworks Hero cards from our grocery trips so I kept one of the wrappers. I also stapled in a few paint chips that I had collected to do school work with him. Matching colour chips was a little too easy for him so we moved on to colour gradients and putting colour chips in order from darkest to lightest.

The second half of our week involved a lot of food. From homemade scones and Eat Street Markets, to homemade flavoured lemonade and our regular orders from the West End Market. The boys also managed to find some time to build a spaceship out of Jenga blocks so I snapped a picture and put that in as well.

Week 13: March 23 - March 29

This week, we celebrated Nathan's 8th birthday. It started off with his class celebration and ended off with a dinner at Sizzler on his actual birthday (his choice). I also did a bit of celebrating of my own on a one-night getaway with a few girlfriends down the coast.

I had a lot of fun putting together the "Nathan turns eight" insert. That and the Happy Little Moments one below it are my favourite. I'm hoping to work towards this brighter, cleaner style in my next album.

There's a slim 6x12 insert for this week, documenting the morning of Nathan's birthday. Caleb and I got up super early to decorate Nathan's birthday cheesecake. It is mostly pictures with the story captured on a 4x6 card on the front.

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