Thursday, July 3, 2014

Start of Winter School Holidays!

Around here, the moment school finishes on the last day of term is the moment school holidays begin. Our boys raced around the school grounds with their friends for a couple hours before we rounded them up to enjoy a little taste of home at the koala sanctuary. They were having a "Canada Day" night and I was hoping for a poutine but they had ginger ale so that was good enough for me.

A whole group of our friends went along and we all bid fond farewell to Nathan's classmate and his family, who were moving back to the States. The kids had a fantastic time running around in the "kids enclosure" as the sun set and the fairy lights came on. It was a gorgeous night to be out.

Then, we headed down the coast the next day to make use of our annual passes one last time at MovieWorld. It was nice going with another family this time because it meant Caleb and Nathan had someone other than their parents to go on rides with. Caleb was big enough to drive the bumper cars this time around and he loved that!

Even after a long day of waiting in lines and going on rides, the big boys still weren't tired. They ended up riding home together and had an impromptu sleepover after watching Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

Nothing like starting the school holidays off with a bang!

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