Monday, August 18, 2014

He Plays, Rain or Shine

Watching Nathan play soccer in the rain on Saturday brought me back to my university days when I was a trainer for the varsity soccer team. I remember the times when I had to sit out there in the wind, rain, snow and sleet, watching those girls train. So when I woke up Saturday morning to the rain and saw that Nathan's game wasn't cancelled, I wasn't surprised. This time, unlike all those times in university, I was prepared with my umbrella and rain boots.

Playing in the rain was not easy. It was a tough match - the other team was really fast and our team was down 3-0 early on in the game. As the rain continued to come down, our team kept losing the ball and missing all our shots on goal.

By halftime, things were looking grim but things started to turn around and in the end, our team fought hard enough to make a comeback to tie the game right before the whistle.

I'm so proud of how hard Nathan's been playing these past few games. He's getting more confident with his skills and making smarter plays. I never thought I'd be a soccer mom but here we are and I'm loving it.

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