Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Working with Caleb

Caleb had been in school for less than two weeks when we were invited to his class to see him work. At that point, he had been introduced to about five activities so I wasn't really expecting to see too much. I know, how supportive of me. 

Regardless, I was interested to see how he was adjusting to this new environment. The first material Caleb chose to show us was the colour tablets. He showed us the secondary set first.

Then, he showed us the primary set of colour tablets.

Afterwards, he moved on to showing us a set of materials he had just been introduced to that morning.

When I picked Caleb up from school earlier in the day, he told me one of the things he did was, "there were black lines and I put yarn on the black lines". I couldn't figure out what that was but then he showed us - he had been learning to sew on hessian (burlap). Caleb was so meticulous and precise with his technique. I was so impressed by his determination to make sure his needle only went through the black line and nowhere else.

After a quick water break, Caleb showed us the brown staircase which involved going back and forth between the shelf where it is stored, and our spot on the carpet, about 20 times. It is so interesting to understand the amount of persistence and patience required to complete such a simple task.

By the time Caleb finished putting the staircase away, we were one of the last families left in the classroom. I love taking the time to go into the boys' classrooms to see them work. Even though us being present in the classroom changes how they behave, it's nice to see a glimpse of how they work.

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