Thursday, September 25, 2014

10 Days

We survived.

The last week of Term 3 was the busiest we've had in a long time and as luck would have it, it was the week Andrew was away in Toronto preparing for and doing his practical exam.

I overcommitted to way too many things. It doesn't seem like so much when it's just one project. Then, I committed to one project from four different places, and suddenly I was gasping for air again.

We survived...

... dropping Andrew off at the airport,

... finding Nathan a pair of futsal shoes just 15 minutes before his first preseason game,

... last minute preparations for our church's Open Day

which involved letting the boys get messy with paint!

We survived a meltdown which ensued when I decided we were going to miss Nathan's soccer presentation day because I was absolutely too exhausted to drive out to the field, find a parking spot and wade through crowds of people and kids hyped up on sugar. That was the first time I wished that Andrew was still around to bring the boys out. Nathan managed to catch some of the fireworks from my window so I think he sort of forgave me.

We survived a week filled work and volunteer meetings, morning teas and lunches to celebrate the end of term, dinners out with friends, last minute planning/scrambling and last day of school festivities. By the end of the week, I was ready for the weekend. Except that the weekend was also jam-packed with activities.

We survived our church Open Day, followed by a laser tag birthday party, followed by an indoor trampoline park party the next day and I was done. DONE!

The next two days were a breeze. 9am swimming lessons were nothing compared to the 9 days before. Even when we had to pick Andrew up from the airport before the second lesson. 

By the end of 10 days, I was absolutely exhausted but so glad to have Andrew home. Especially since he came bearing yummy gifts, like bags of popcorn the size of my torso.

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