Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Life, Lately

I volunteered to help put together a cookbook for a P&F fundraiser. I've been slacking big time but I finally got around to making and photographing my recipe. Now, just to write up a blurb about it. What can I say about these cheddar apple muffins

The boys have been spending a lot of time indoors, playing together. It's funny what they get up to. They wanted to move this mattress to their Lego room and I had to take a picture because all I could hear in my head was Ross yelling, "PIVOT!"

We finally got to hang these prints. Turns out if you import art from Canada, you also need to import frames from Canada. Thanks, Jay and Andrew for making this happen. 

We went out for dim sum (twice) to make up for a miserable dim sum experience that happened while Andrew was away. It was much better this time around.

Andrew's going to be working a lot of weekends for this rotation so we brought the boys to SeaWorld on one of his days off. They got to run around and get some fresh air. This was right before they spotted Andrew holding a 3-scoop ice cream, and came running and screaming at him. They scream for ice cream!

We have to take the boys out or else they transform into ninja gangster/goofballs. hehe

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