Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

We took a really laid-back approach to Halloween this year. As in, we didn't actually decide to do anything Halloween-y until lunch time, at which point I just decided Caleb could grab a costume from our closet and Nathan could wear a cape if he even wanted to dress up at all.

Right after school, we went to Lone Pine for their Halloween festivities. The boys ran around in the garden for the first little while to stay in the shade and cool down a bit.

Nathan carved a styrofoam pumpkin. Caleb said he wanted to do one, too, but ended up running off to the jumping castle so I'll see if I can find one for cheap in the next couple days. I'll post their finished jack-o-lanterns up if we ever end up doing Caleb's.

After they finished playing, the sun was starting to set so we headed out for a bit of trick-or-treating.

Caleb finally "got it" this year. He ran up and down the driveways yelling "trick or treat", then "Thank you! Happy Halloween!" after he got his candy. It was cute. And when he tripped and dumped his bucket of candy, Nathan helped him pick them up without stealing any. Not that it's his nature to, but still. I love my boys.

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