Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Caleb's First Lunch at School

As of today, we are officially packing two school lunches!
Ignore the saucy bowls.
Everyday last week, Caleb asked me if he could stay at school for lunch. I didn't act on his request right away, just to see if it was something he actually wanted, but by Friday, he insisted that I "talk to Ashleigh, and I'll stand beside you". So I had a quick chat with his teacher, we set up a meeting for Monday morning, and next thing you know, my baby boy is staying for lunch the next day.

He was so, so excited. Not acting crazy excited, but genuinely ready to meet the next milestone in his Montessori career, and excited that he was able to do it.

It was so beautiful to see Nathan help Caleb pack his lunch and wish him a good first day of having lunch at school. Unfortunately, this means I'll no longer get to see Nathan in the middle of the day while he's out playing as I pick Caleb up from school. It also means I don't have anyone to eat lunch with anymore!

But seeing how happy Caleb was when I picked him up today, hearing about who he played with and how he played on both playgrounds, and seeing that he ate his whole entire lunch, I know this is the right thing for him.

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