Monday, October 20, 2014

Instameet at QAGOMA

The Instameet wasn't quite as inspiring as I had hoped for it to be. I had envisioned that our host, Zach Glassman, would say a word or two about his career as a travel photographer that would inspire Nathan to broaden his vision for his future career... but he didn't.

We literally just moved through the GOMA and Queensland Art Gallery as a big group, but by ourselves. Despite the initial disappointment, it was nice for the boys and I to wander around the GOMA again. It's been so long since our last visit, and we scored a trip to the restricted rooftop terrace so that was cool.

The boys looked down and spotted the gravel hill they built just moments before, while waiting for the Instameet to get started.

We broke off from the large group and wandered over to the kids section which is always so much fun. The current exhibit is all about patterns. Our favourite part was this colourful hall - it was like walking into a kaleidoscope. And the coolest part was the screens scattered throughout the hall that had a camera above them to record images of whatever was in front of it. It would take the image and make it part of a moving pattern!

We became part of the art and that was so exciting.

Afterwards, we wandered over to the art gallery and saw a few really interesting instalments. The columns made of magnetic tape were my favourite.

The boys were mesmerized by this piece:

But after a while, the boys and I started wandering aimlessly, wondering if anything else interesting was going to happen with the Instameet. Eventually, we got too bored and hungry so we just left. The real fun happened after lunch, when we went to see the Lion King Exhibition (more on that soon) and play in the water park.

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