Saturday, October 18, 2014

Let's Bounce

Nathan's been invited to a few birthday parties at indoor trampoline parks lately, but he moves around so quickly it's been hard to capture a good picture of him.

The last party we went to, one of the older boys was unable to jump so Caleb was invited to take his place! After three times of having to sit on the sidelines watching the big boys jump, it was finally his turn to have a go.

Oh, the way he listened intently to the rules and scrambled to pull his second sock on when the group got up to go onto the trampoline made my heart ache. He was so excited, so anxious, so small but so ready. Is it normal to feel so many emotions about my little guy getting to jump on trampolines?

Caleb had a great time just bouncing up and down on that one trampoline by himself. The group guide taught him to bounce side to side and how to land on his bum.

Eventually, he made his way towards Nathan and I finally got a good picture of Nathan in midair.

When they moved on to dodgeball, it was so nice to see Nathan, being the trampolining dodgeball veteran that he is now, give his little brother pointers. Caleb managed to be the last boy standing on his team, mostly because I don't think the big boys saw him as a threat but he did well!

I'm so grateful that despite their age difference, the boys can enjoy things like this together.

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