Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Live Brave | November

I know, I know. It's practically the middle of November and I'm only just getting this post out now. Better late than never!

October's goals were a step outside my comfort zone. We went to the Instameet. But instead of organizing our photos, I spent all my waking hours working on this cookbook for a school fundraiser. Never mind that our small team of 3 moms didn't have any idea what we were stepping into when we agreed to take on this project. In fact, more than a month later, we're still working on it (but we're so close to being done) so I'd say this was a brave goal for sure. 

And healthy smoothies? Well, I'm really happy about all the fresh produce we've been buying from the weekend markets but the closest I got to a healthy smoothie was a strawberry milkshake. That Andrew made for me. 

Moving on...

In November, I want to...

Spend one-on-one time with each boy. Including Andrew. December is notoriously busy for us and now that Caleb's moving towards full-day school and Nathan wanting to spend every free moment with his friends, I'm spending a lot of time all by myself. Thank goodness Andrew is just about finished school. It'd be nice to do something with each of my boys before things get hectic around here.

Spring clean. This one isn't much fun but it has to be done. Unfortunately for Andrew, I have a long list of things that need to be done before his family comes to visit in December. This list has been growing since the beginning of the year, just waiting for him to finish school.

Keep cool. The temperature is soaring here and it's not even summer yet. The challenge is to find creative ways to stay cool when my body temperature is through the roof. Bonus points if I can keep my cool and not lose my temper with the boys every other minute. 

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