Friday, January 23, 2015


Every six months, Lifeline holds a giant book sale where you can get books for a dollar, or children's books for 50 cents each. To me, that's a huge bargain. So every six months, I drag the boys along for a day's worth of rummaging through old, dusty books in search of books to add to our collection.

For the boys, it's almost like going to the library. They spend the entire day picking up books, reading them and, unlike at the library, tossing them back onto the piles.

We always manage to find a gem or two, like this book:

I almost bought this one for Andrew, but then I decided he probably didn't need a little book to remind him of something he already knows, even if it only cost 50 cents. Hah.

Last year, I spent my energy looking for educational books and old childhood favourites. What I wouldn't give to go back in time to my elementary school library to pick out all my favourite books to bring home; some are so hard to get now.

Anyway, this year, we discovered that Nathan's really into mystery/detective books so we grabbed a whole bunch of Hardy Boys and Encyclopedia Brown books for him.

My favourite finds this time around were Henny Penny and a Henry and Mudge book.

I can't imagine what rummaging through books with a newborn in tow will be like but if we're still here in June, you can bet I'll try my hardest to make it out to Bookfest again!

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