Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Back to School 2015

The boys were up bright and early for the first day back to school today.

Nathan woke up first. Probably around 5:30AM, I heard him getting up and changed into the outfit he had set out the night before. That shows you just how excited he was about going back to school because he's typically my pseudo-teenager, sleeping in as late as he possibly can.

Then, Caleb woke up at his typical 6AM, but he had other things on his agenda. He dawdled and took forever to get dressed but once he was ready, his first question was "can I play Lego?". He was still in vacation mode.

After a few obligatory first day of school photos, we dropped the boys off at school. Andrew's working the evening shift tonight so he came to drop the boys off, too. As soon as we parked, Nathan was ready to hop out of the car to go see his friends and get to his classroom. Caleb had a more laid-back approach, walking slowly to his class and waiting until his teacher greeted him before going into the class. We watched as he thoughtfully chose a cubby to place his backpack and Esky in before we turned to head back to the car.

Our boys are so different.

When we came home after school, I had a plate of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies waiting for them. The first batch had barely finished baking by the time I had to leave for pick-up, but I promised myself I'd make the cookies for the boys. I thought it'd be a nice first day back to school treat.

But more importantly, my word for this year is grow. As part of that, my aim is to be more present as my boys grow and the cookies gave us a nice reason to sit down together to continue our conversation about what they did at school beyond the car ride home.

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