Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Project Life 2015 | Title Page

Title pages are typically very difficult for me. There's so much pressure to make it look perfect because it's the very first thing you see when you open the album cover, and it's supposed to somehow represent everything that's inside. If it doesn't look fantastic, why would you keep flipping through, right? (I'm totally a person who judges a book by its cover. Can you tell?)

This year, somehow this all changed for me. When I was designing the title page, it came together so quickly and so easily. I kept the design pretty clean and simple. The basic elements I want for all my Project Life title pages are there: something to represent the year, something to represent our family and something to represent where we are geographically. 

In fact, I ended up making a double-sided title page this year. I finally got around to taking individual pictures of each family member this new year's so I used some of those to fill the spaces. I like that there's just enough colour to keep it interesting and that I could include my One Little Word for this year. I liked the idea of that shaker pocket but it's driving me absolutely crazy now because the wood veneers keep stacking on top of each other, making the pocket really thick! How do I make it stop?

As you can see, I went ahead and popped those less-than-perfect photos into the pockets anyway. I might reprint them later on but for now, I like that my title pages are complete.

You can see some of my previous title pages here: 2013 - Album 1, 2013 - Album 2, 2014 - Album 1

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  1. Your page is perfect! And a big congrats on the new baby-you're going to have an exciting year!



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