Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Project Life | Plans for 2015

When I was planning out how I was going to document this year, I fully intended on using the new Studio Calico Handbook system with the 9x12 pages. I liked the idea of having a slightly smaller canvas to work with, just to change things up and because I knew my hands would be full this year. They weren't available at the beginning of the year so I just planned out my layouts on paper.

Then, I learned that the holes of the new page protectors would not match up with the Project Life page protectors and binders that I previously used (and still have a ton of). So, change of plans! For one more year, I'll be documenting our lives in 12x12 format.

I went back to the 12x12 drawing board, redesigned my title pages and continued on doing the weeks with a twist. Instead of doing only 12x12 spreads, I'll intersperse with different-sized pages depending on how much I want to document for that week.

Things were coming along.

I'm trying to focus a little more on documenting stories this year. My previous spreads were very photo-heavy which is fine, but I want to make more space for the words this year. Having less photos makes my process go much quicker. I had photos ready to print and I hadn't really fallen behind yet.

And then my photos came back.

Insert Hulk scream and smash.

So much for staying ahead of the game!

I try to write down a bit of what we did that each day in my agenda. Quotes from the boys are kept in my Day One app as I hear them and ephemera is tucked into a little plastic pocket in my agenda.

I'll continue working weekly. Some weeks will have bigger pages and take up the full spread while other weeks might have smaller pages or share half a spread. At the end of each week, I'll go through my agenda and plan out the spreads, hopefully doing a majority of the journaling cards as I go.

As for photos, well it looks like it might be time for me to invest in a home photo printer.

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