Monday, January 19, 2015

Early Bird

After dropping Andrew off at the airport last Thursday, I decided that instead of driving straight home, the boys and I could use a bit of time at the park to get some fresh air.

If I didn't like staying in bed so much, I would do this more often. It was so peaceful to be there early in the morning, before the crowds arrived. A few people there, like the moms who get there early to work out while their kids play on the equipment, but for the most part, the boys had the park to themselves.

I found myself a spot in the shade to sit and watch the boys while they scootered along the paths and waded in the water. It was nice to have all this space to ourselves, to not have to worry about sharing with other people or hearing other people's noises. I know that sounds rather selfish and arrogant but sometimes I just like to have a bit of peace and quiet.

When the boys were finished splashing in the water, we headed to the car to change. At this point, Caleb decided it was time for an intermission from playing - he parked himself in the trunk and had a nice, long morning tea break.

Once the boys were refuelled, they hopped onto their scooters and headed for the climbing structures where they played for a little while longer until the sun became scorching hot. Then, we headed home for lunch just in time to FaceTime with Andrew before his next flight.

Part of my goal this year is to watch my boys grow. I feel like I accomplished a bit of that just by being out of the house and letting them play for all those hours before lunch time. Seeing them be free, having fun and exploring their abilities and supporting them in their limitations was so fulfilling and it was even better because for those few hours, I had no distractions - my focus was 100% on them.

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