Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Great Lego Cleanup of 2015

What started off as a very harmless putting together of two small sets yesterday turned into my full-blown annual Lego clean up in which I dump out all our mixed up sets of Lego onto the floor of our "Lego room" and attempt to sort and assemble the pieces until all our sets are completely put back together.

This clean-up was supposed to be part of my November brave goals, but tidying up the rest of our house for our visitors took priority. Plus, I didn't want to risk having stray Lego pieces lying around with my 9-month-old nephew crawling around, but mostly it was just easier to pack it all away and not think about it.

But my boys love their Lego and they're very persistent, so when Caleb kept asking if he could play with some of their Lego guys, I eventually gave in. And once I dumped out that box to look for the pieces he was after, there was no turning back.

I thought, I'll just do a couple sets and I'll leave the rest for when Andrew goes to work.

Who knew that I would spend the next 48 hours sifting through 489725 pieces of Lego, with some partially assembled sets and some pieces randomly put together, to build 42 different sets. I was lucky this year to have some help from the boys and Andrew, otherwise I'd probably be stuck in that room for a week and give up half way like I did the last time around.

By the end of it, my back was aching from sitting on the ground all day and my fingers were throbbing from prying apart flat pieces and pressing pieces into place. But the job is done. One giant checkmark on my goals for 2015.

Now, I just need to figure out a good storage system for keeping the sets together while the boys aren't playing with them...

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