Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Balancing Eggs

According to Chinese folklore, the first day of spring is the one day in the year when you can have an egg balance on its broad end. My dad had sent us a text message informing us of this and of course, included a photo of his successful attempt at balancing eggs.

By the time we received this text, the first day of spring had already passed but it didn't matter because the boys wanted to give it a try anyway.

And of course, if Nathan and Andrew were doing it, Caleb had to join in as well. I was super nervous letting him play with the eggs. He's awesome at cracking eggs when we cook, but I needed these eggs to stay in tact. 

Wikipedia says that egg balancing can be done throughout the year, which is probably true. But I would disagree with the part where it says it can be done with minimal effort because we went through all our eggs and it took a bit of effort to make the eggs stand.

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