Friday, February 27, 2015

Project Life 2015 | Week 01 + 02

I was originally planning on sharing my Project Life spreads by month this year but since we're at the end of February and I still haven't finished the last week of January, I'll just share what I have so far and go on from there.

This was a short week and I spent 48 of its hours re-assembling Lego sets so I kept things super simple.
See? I wasn't kidding.

I used a 6x8 Studio Calico handbook page protector with 4 pockets. One of the pockets was the date card for this week, two used Cathy Zielske's Instagram template, and the last one holds journaling on a Studio Calico card. Done.

This week was slightly busier. It was Andrew's last week off before starting orientation at his new job so we tried to pack in a few extra activities so the boys could spend some extra time with him.

I really liked doing strips of typed text on coloured backgrounds this week. I find it oddly therapeutic piecing the stories together that way. Andrew brought the boys to watch Penguins of Madagascar so I clipped their tickets to a card and cut a slit to tuck them in so we could have space for Andrew's journaling.

You can see the right side of the spread is quite journaling-heavy. For the past few years, I've been including a lot of photos, leaving very little space for journaling so this year I'm trying to shift the focus to recording our stories. This week, we had a lot of different "trying new things" and "being brave" stories that had to be documented.

Something I tried that was a little different on this spread was putting the date in the bottom right corner, as part of another card. When I finished sketching this spread, I realized I didn't leave any space for the date and that card was the only one with extra space left. I kind of like how it looks there, I might try doing it again.

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