Wednesday, March 4, 2015

December Daily 2014 | Day 01 - 10

Andrew's birthday is on the first day of December so right from the get-go, we're documenting big stories. This birthday was a pretty big milestone, in my opinion. He turned 27 and we celebrated his first birthday as a doctor. Since he was finished med school, we got to spend the entire day together. We went for my 20-week ultrasound, then had lunch at The Boatshed. 

On the back, I have a couple photos of us celebrating Andrew's birthday with the boys. For Day 2, we announced the gender of Baby #3 on Instagram/Facebook. I kept some of the flowers Andrew had collected for her and wrote about that. 

The pocket with the flowers is see-through, which I like. I have to say, my sewing machine gave me a lot of trouble sewing on the plastic and I ended up completely destroying a page but that was my machine and not the actual sewing on plastic, in case anyone is weary of trying it. On the third, we didn't have a story to tell so I wrote down some references for the Christmas Story from the Bible that I had seen online. On the fourth, I documented the boys writing their Christmas cards and their teacher gifts. 

Again, on the fifth, we didn't have a specific story to share so I wrote about our December Traditions. On the sixth, I met up with friends for breakfast and one of them gave me a little gift so I kept the wrapping as it was and used that as an insert. I think that's one of my favourite parts of this album. 

The seventh was a special day - Caleb's 4th birthday party. There was so much I wanted to remember for that day but I chose the two most important stories to document. I made a shaker pocket and included one of the cupcake toppers that I had made to identify the date. 

Caleb's actual birthday was on the eighth. It was a pretty low-key day. We did his birthday presents in the morning and a quick FaceTime call with my parents. It was supposed to be his last day of school but he spent the first half of the day at home because he was tired and a little unwell. We ended up going to school at lunch time for him to celebrate his birthday with his classmates, and then we went to Sizzler for dinner (his choice) with Andrew's parents who had just arrived for their visit. 

On the ninth, the boys met their cousin for the first time (who had arrived with his parents in the middle of the night) and we went up the Sunshine Coast for a little vacation. I included a little insert of two 4x6 photos glued back-to-back to document a bit of our time together. For the tenth, I added a quick little note about the house we were staying in but for the most part, I was going to let the photos speak for our time there. 

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