Thursday, March 5, 2015

December Daily 2014 | Day 11 - 20


The relaxed, carefreeness of our vacation carried over to my documentation of the eleventh as well. I can't even explain how relaxing it was to spend the morning on the beach then go straight into the pool at the house. I think I know where I want to retire.

On the twelfth, Nathan was invited to go to Australia Zoo with his buddies so we all went along (not with Nathan of course, we let the little dude have his space). I kept a couple pieces of ephemera to include in the album but that day was mostly little photos and a quote from Caleb.

We came home on the thirteenth and one of the most memorable parts of that drive home was Nathan being in charge of selecting music. I included him in this album by getting him to write down some of his favourite songs.

I hadn't planned for this to happen but I have a full-page photo on the seventeenth which sort of marks the beginning of all our Christmas-y activities.

We received a few Christmas cards this year and I knew I had to keep one of the envelopes because this could potentially be our last Christmas here! Anyway, this one was from our friends in New Orleans. It was so festive with a Christmas wreath stamp and everything so I had to include it in this album. I thought it went really well with the photo of the boys "writing to Santa" (aka drawing pictures while I shopped for Christmas decorations) and I didn't have anything else to include for the eighteenth so I glued the front of another card I had received to cover their address.

I gave this "dividing a photo" thing a try and sometimes it works but I think all the times I used it in this album, it didn't really turn out the way I wanted it to. I did this mainly because of the pocket pages I had available and because I didn't have the means to print a 6x8 photo. It bothers me a little but I'd rather have this project done than drag it on and try to make it look perfect.

I think this is my favourite photo of the month - Andrew with the boys lying on the ground after his graduation.

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