Thursday, June 9, 2011

Finding Inspiration in Kitchens

When you think about your dream home, what's the room you spend the most time thinking about?

For me, it's the kitchen. I wouldn't really mind if we had a small house, just as long as it has a large enough kitchen and dining area for us to have people over. I've always loved baking and I'm starting to enjoy cooking a lot more - it's one of the few things I can share with people. It's amazing to me how you can mix together a bunch of ingredients and create something delicious and beautiful. Well, hopefully.

Whenever I think about my dream kitchen, I envision it bustling with activity, whether it's me trying a new recipe, guests mingling around an island filled with lots of good food, or kids running in to grab a quick snack. Food brings people together. I love that.

I used to dream of a kitchen filled with stainless steel appliances, dark cabinetry and black marble countertops. Sleek without being overly sterile. Now, I'm leaning more towards lighter coloured kitchens with a little splash of colour.

Whatever the colour may be, I just want my kitchen to be a place where life can happen, and memories can be made. It's been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and I definitely agree. I want it to be the heart of my home.

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  1. Btsoi, very nice photos, thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful post. The kitchen is definitely the heart of our home. I also agree with you and lean towards the lighter colors.

  3. definitely still into option #1..
    so let's make a deal, i get one, you get the other, and we'll split hosting big holidays?

  4. i like how the kitchen in the second picture seems so much brighter :)

  5. I am really loving how the island counter kinda curves around. Makes it look huge!



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