Sunday, July 3, 2011

Half Way to Byron Bay

On the way up to Byron Bay last week, we stopped by the Gold Coast. It's a nice halfway point between Brisbane and Byron Bay and Nathan is absolutely in love with this place. Ever since our first visit to the Gold Coast, he's been telling everyone he'll bring them there. He loves it so much.

By the time we reached the Gold Coast, it was around lunch time so we made a quick stop by Peter's Fish Market to pick up some fish 'n' chips. Our friends brought us here last time and we love it because their food is made fresh and it's piping hot, unlike the stuff that's been sitting under heat lamps all day.

Like last time, we set up our picnic mat on the grass near the beach and ate lunch in the shade.

When we were nice and full, we grabbed our sand gear and headed to the beach. It was literally just steps away.

Andrew and I took turns hanging out with Caleb in our little tent.

Nathan ran around, collecting seashells, digging in the sand and standing in the waves.

Stopping here gives the boys just enough time to stretch out and expend some energy before we continued our journey.

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