Friday, July 22, 2011

Soft Shell Tacos

This one's a family favourite. My parents would occasionally make these for us when I was a child and they were a treat. Now, I make it with my family as a sure-fire way of packing a variety of healthy ingredients into a meal. They're tasty and they have something from each major food group. Win-win situation!

1 pack tortillas
500g ground beef
1 pack taco seasoning
1 cup grated cheese (or more if you have a cheese-monster like we do)
4 large leaves of lettuce, shredded
1 tomato, diced

Sauteed mushrooms
Sauteed onion
Sour cream
Taco sauce

1. Brown ground beef, drain and season according to package. I tend to use only half the package each time so it's not too spicy
2. Prepare other toppings (grate cheese, cut up vegetables).
3. Warm up tortillas (about 20-30 seconds in the microwave).
4. Spoon toppings onto tortilla. I like to make a line of meat down the middle, leaving some space at one end for the fold, and line everything else on top but you can do it however you like. It's your food.
5. Fold/roll it up. The package will generally tell you how to do it. But if it doesn't, I've found that folding one side over the toppings, then folding the bottom up, and finishing up the roll with the other side is the cleanest way to do it. Or you can be like Andrew and just leave it wide open.

In our family, we like the "make your own" approach where everyone gets a tortilla and fills it with whatever they like. That way, no one complains. But if that doesn't work for you, I'm sure these can be pre-made and either wrapped with cling wrap or paper towel, or secured with a toothpick until it's time to eat.

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