Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crafting Binge

Four weeks ago, I signed up to do Amy Tan's The Good Life online class to learn some new techniques and push myself to be more creative, more consistently.

I started off strong and churned out all sorts of reverse appliqué goodies: a pouch, a sewing machine cover, a t-shirt or two.

Then, towards the middle of the class, I slowed down a little because the projects required a bit more self-reflection and effort. I chugged along, making sure to at least try each of the techniques out if I could.

Yesterday was the last day of the class and wanting to finish strong, I spent the night completing a few more projects to share in the class gallery. Here's what I made:

Our friends just had a baby boy, and the father happens to be a photographer so I thought this onesie would be quite fitting.

I was playing around with some watercolours and a straw with Nathan over the weekend, and I thought I'd make a sign for my side of the computer room (aka. the disaster area).

And finally, a mini travel journal for our trip home next year.

This was the first time I used my sewing machine on paper and because I used so many sheets of thick paper, I was a little nervous about the needle snapping in my face.

I just wanted to make sure I had enough pages for me to document our time back home.

I managed to use up some of the stuff I got from Studio Calico's Last Call!

And of course, a little envelope in the middle to hold any little bits and pieces that can't be stuck onto the pages. I used a bit of washi tape to alter a regular letter-sized envelope.

And there you have it! After an intense three days of Andrew studying and writing exams, and me trying to keep the boys occupied and the house in order, this was my much-needed crafting binge.

I love the feeling of being productive.


  1. Love it all and you're comment about the self reflection part makes me really wonder more about the class.

    Your journal for your trip home looks great! I have yet to try my hand at a sewn journal (mostly because my sewing machine is in storage), but I may have to do it. I also love your cover and glad you shared the technique a few posts ago. - beriuqam

  2. Such a cute little onesie!

    I have that happen with on-line classes, too, a lot.
    Start off full steam and then about half way through slow down.

  3. Wow Bernice! It looks like you had a lot of fun in the class! :)

  4. Love the sign and the onesie is so cute!! Your mini travel journal is just pure love. I need to start making those. Sewing on paper is quite fun isn't it.. I need to do more of it!
    Love your stuff!

  5. Fabulous projects! I esp. love the journal!

  6. That onesie is adorable..I bet they will love it!

  7. These are great! Love the camera applique!

  8. I love sewing on projects, so fun!

  9. ohhhhhh love that cute album!!!
    yah for sewing on paper too..something i havent done yet!!!
    love the shirt too

  10. i love the little camera onesie. you should have put up pictures of the elephant and heart ones too :)

  11. Can't wait to see you guys again. xo



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