Monday, May 14, 2012

My Mother's Day Weekend

Looking back on the past three days, I'm just realizing now what an estrogen-filled weekend I had.

Friday / women's Bible study in the AM, Annie with Kim and her daughter in the PM, watched I Don't Know How She Does It before bed (loved it)

Saturday / after Nathan's soccer game, breakfast and a quick stroll in Paddington, and a quick haircut for the kiddos, I left the boys at home and went to a women's event at church. The topic of discussion was a women's role in the ministry to children.

Sunday / woke up to a beautiful Mother's Day breakfast.

After church, we went to watch our friends' son play rugby, then Andrew brought the boys to another birthday party while I scrapped a bit at home trying to calm down after reading some offensive comments regarding breastfeeding in public.

Not wanting to cook dinner, we went to sushi train for dinner.

* * * * * * * * * *

In case you're wondering, Caleb is pretty much weaned. He can now sleep without feeding, and he doesn't request milk from me as frequently nor does he ask with as much desire. I even managed to rock him to sleep this afternoon, something I haven't been consistently successful with since he was born. I'm still a little sad about this, but also finding comfort knowing that he'll still let me hold him and hug him.

Also, I still can't find my wedding ring. It was garbage day today but I kept our trash because I want to be sure it's not in there. Not looking forward to going through it again but if it means I get my ring back, it'll be worth it. Pray I'll find it, please?


  1. Love the picture of the boys watching the game :)

  2. You have such beautiful boys and hope you will find your ring again!

  3. Hoping you find your ring again and those boys are so adorable!!

  4. oh no re the ring!!! hope you find it~~~~!!!

    love the busy-ness of your weekend!!! lots of fun things!!!



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