Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Tonight, I spent almost three hours sifting through last week's garbage*. Again.

And after touching every single piece of garbage in that bag, I came up empty handed**. Again.

I wandered into the kitchen to let Andrew know. Then, I asked him, as I have at least a billion times these past few days, "Where on earth could it be?". I was out of ideas.

Unsure of what to do with myself, I opened the fridge and mindlessly flicked through the collection of miscellaneous sauces and candies we keep on the top shelf of the fridge door and half way through, I find my wedding ring sitting right there.

How it even got there, I will never know, but I'm sure glad to have it back on my finger.

* Half way through, Andrew came into the garage and asked if I had found my ring yet. Did he really think I would continue digging around if I had already found it? Like, really.

** I was half hoping that it would be in the garbage because then at least all that time spent digging through the nastiness of last week's waste would've been for something.


  1. i am so so glad you have found it
    in with the sauces....who would have thought!!!

    1. Me too! I have no idea how it even got there!



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