Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vietnamese Grilled Pork, Rice Paper Rolls and Soup

A couple weeks ago, I returned from Toronto with a renewed appetite for good food.

Everytime someone asks me what I miss about home, food will invariably make the list.

The one type of food I have found here that is on par in quality, flavour and value with the stuff available at home is Vietnamese food.

But I can't very well go out and buy it whenever I have a craving. So I decided to try making some grilled pork using this recipe.

It was definitely labour intensive. And I have never combined so many ingredients with such strong, individual flavours before. I was a little worried towards the end that I somehow misread the recipe and ruined the 4 pounds of meat Andrew so laboriously sliced up for me.

But I stuck to the recipe, left it to marinate overnight and grilled it the next day. It took a long time. However, the end result was so tasty I might actually make it again. Or maybe use a less labour intensive recipe that a friend sent me recently.

Anyway, here's the final result.

With the leftovers, I simply combined the ingredients and rolled them up in rice paper. Less mess and less clean-up the next day is always good in my books.

I'm going to go ahead and count this as two Asian dishes, plus the soup I made that same day makes three. I have 2 dishes remaining to achieve my goal. What should I make?

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