Thursday, July 19, 2012

Melbourne Day 1: Off To Melbs We Go

I don't know how I became so convinced that I'd be okay taking a flight down to Melbourne, solo with the two boys.

I guess I figured since I made it to Toronto by myself in relatively one piece, I could do this no problem.

Or maybe because I had to make the decision so quickly, I didn't give that part of the trip much thought.

Either way, by the time we landed in Melbourne, I was so glad I had the foresight to bring my iPad, loaded with new games for Nathan, and that Caleb has a weird habit of falling asleep as the plane lands (just about every flight).

Also, we had the window seat - that makes a world of difference for me.

After making our way across the tarmac and through the airport, we quickly gathered our luggage. Rather, I found a quiet corner near the luggage claim belt and lay Caleb on the ground on top of my carryon.

I asked Nathan to stay with him as I gathered our checked luggage and Caleb's stroller. Then I loaded up the stroller with Caleb and as much carry-on stuff as it could handle and headed to the next terminal to find my parents, with Nathan pushing the suitcase, following closely behind.

After meeting up with my parents followed by a bus ride into the city, getting our myki cards and checking into our hotel, we were too pooped to do much else so we walked to the corner IGA for some groceries, had dinner and called it a night.

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