Thursday, August 30, 2012

Meeting Amy Tan

This afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting the super-talented Amy Tan.

I brought Caleb along with me because Andrew let me take the car, which meant he had to bus to pick up Nathan and bring him to swimming lessons after. (Thanks, Andrew!)

Amy brought along a make-and-take card for us to do. Caleb happily sat in my lap and played with the different tools and helped me make the card.

Caleb also happily gobbled up a little slice of chocolate mud cake while he waited so patiently.

Eventually, we just all sat around and chatted. It was so casual. 

Amy has such a genuine personality. She wasn't intimidating at all, and was really fun to be around. It was really nice meeting her.

I think Caleb liked her too, despite having to give up the Tim Tams that he found in my purse (and wanted to open and eat himself). 

Soon, it was time for her to be whisked away to the airport. I don't know how she has such a crazy, hectic schedule and still remains so calm and collected.

Last night when I told Nathan I was going to meet Amy Tan, he said, "So you're going to go and talk to her? And see her in real life? And see what she does? Cool!"

He couldn't have been more right.


  1. It was lovely meeting you, Bernice.. And Caleb too! =)

  2. Oh you lucky girl!! She seems so genuine and nice! So glad you had a great time!

  3. Such a cute post! Would love to meet her!

  4. So fun meeting you! and of course your adorable Caleb. What a doll.



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